Product Management & Specifications

From the simplest to the most complex offering, products and specs must be clear and up-to-date. Our bespoke product management & specification software allows you to take control of:

Products and Parts Information

  • Manage catalogues of products and components
  • Organize complex products and services by defining detailed data for part, product, component or material specifications
  • Set up bills of materials to specify raw materials requirements
  • Discontinue items: retain historic records while preventing further sales or purchases; switch them back on again at any time
  • Integrate with stock control and order management processes to generate stock and purchasing requirements from actual or projected sales

Custom Specifications

  • Keep organized with version control of complex product or project specifications
  • Use specification templates
  • Maintain an audit trail of materials allocated or used on specific jobs
  • Integrate with quotations, estimates and order management processes to manage sales for custom products or services

Product Life Cycles & Maintenance Tracking

  • Keep track of individual products over their full life cycle, including installation, maintenance & decommissioning
  • Create maintenance schedules and raise action requests for installed products

Product management and specifications software screenshot

Product management and specifications software screenshot

Common business processes

Our software can cover a wide range of business processes, using Windows PC, web or mobile applications. Some of the typical elements are listed below. Because we build bespoke, you are not limited to what you see here. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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