Stock Control

What, where, when & why. Our bespoke stock control software allows you to take control of:

Stock Management

  • View stock levels in real time
  • Record stock takes and valuations
  • Follow the full audit trail for every stock movement including deliveries, dispatches, ad-hoc stock movements, corrections and write-offs. Know who has recorded every change
  • Link stock to detailed product and part information, including bills of materials
  • Track individual items via unique references where required
  • Project future stock levels, based on predicted stock usage, sales and deliveries

Deliveries, Dispatch & Internal Transfers

  • Seamlessly handle deliveries & dispatch, automatically record stock movements as items are checked in and out of your premises
  • Predict future stock requirements at different locations based on stock targets, pending purchases, sales projections and/or production schedules
  • Generate pick & transfer lists to move stock to where it is needed

Purchasing & Reporting

  • Use projected stock requirements to automatically generate purchase orders, with the ability to manually review and amend before sending
  • Generate stock management reports
  • Value stock based on actual purchase costs

Stock control software screenshot

Stock control software screenshot

Common business processes

Our software can cover a wide range of business processes, using Windows PC, web or mobile applications. Some of the typical elements are listed below. Because we build bespoke, you are not limited to what you see here. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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