Workflow Control & Automation

Improve efficiency to get more done in less time. Our bespoke workflow control and automation software allows you to take control of:

Custom Workflows

  • Define sequences of steps or actions required to manage orders or projects
  • Track status of orders or projects in real time as they progress; use colour-coding for an at a glance overview of each workflow stage
  • Control actions that are available; generate ‘next step’ actions when previous steps have been completed
  • Prevent changes once orders or projects have passed a given status, or a given date / time

Workflow Tasks & Actions

  • Automatically generate tasks for individual users or staff roles as items progress through the workflow, or create ad-hoc tasks at any time
  • Notify users of new tasks within the application, or via email alerts

Workflow control and automation software screenshot

Workflow control and automation software screenshot

Common business processes

Our software can cover a wide range of business processes, using Windows PC, web or mobile applications. Some of the typical elements are listed below. Because we build bespoke, you are not limited to what you see here. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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