What’s The Deal

How much does it cost?

We’ll need to discuss your requirements with you before we can give a realistic idea of cost. The accuracy of the advice we give depends on how detailed you can be about what you want the application to do – not in technical terms (that’s our job), but in terms of how it works within your business.

We can work to a fixed price or timesheet agreement.

We recognise that clients often want the certainty of a fixed price, where we take on the risk associated with the natural uncertainties of the development project. This works best when there is a well-defined specification available. We will work with you to develop this spec, and a common way to approach this would be to have ‘specification phase’ mini-project, followed by a fixed-price quote for the bulk of the development work.

As a rough guideline, our very smallest projects might be 20 developer-days, and our larger projects could be 200+ developer-days.

What about licensing, maintenance and ongoing costs?

The cost of the development project is a one-time cost – we do not work on a “per-user license” model, and don’t put restrictions on, or charge fees for, increasing the number of users .

“Cloud Street delivered the right balance of cost effectiveness, robust process and quality development. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as an outsourced development partner.”

– Rob Passmore Equals 3

We provide free bug-fixing for three months post-launch. Most of our clients do then opt for the security of ongoing support.

To get the best from your software, it’s also important that it is kept up-to-date with latest versions of both Cloud Street and third party (e.g. Microsoft) code. This enables us to support issues or change-requests more efficiently, and regular maintenance allows for ongoing incremental improvements rather than requiring large (and risky / more expensive) step-changes.

As a general guide, you should budget around 20% of the capital cost of the software for ongoing support & maintenance.

Who owns the IP rights and the software code?

On completion of the project, our clients have full access to the software source code and are granted full, unrestricted license to the software for their own use.

  • We include confidentiality clauses as a standard part of our contract, and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements early in the discussion process
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