SQL Azure arrives in Brazil

Football CloudWe recommend the Microsoft Azure platform as an accessible, reliable route in to cloud-hosted data and application. And maybe the Microsoft team are watching the World Cup?

The Azure service frst became available in the US, and has covered Northern Europe for several years (this is the area that we use with UK clients, having a Dublin datacentre). There are nodes across Europe, Asia, Australia – and this month’s announcement is the addition of their Brazil South region. Good timing for football fans :-)

57% of Fortune 500 companies already use Azure – but it’s not just for the big guys. With pay-as-you-use pricing and support for under £20/month, it’s an extremely realistic option for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft have recently rebranded from ‘Windows Azure’ to ‘Microsoft Azure’, reflecting the increasing breadth and ambition of services offered.

Cloud computing is here to stay and it’s a real opportunity for many businesses to access a hosted application solution for the first time, to save money compared to traditional server hosting, or to allow their requirements to scale up over time without time-consuming and costly upgrades.

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