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SQL Azure arrives in Brazil

Football Cloud

We recommend the Microsoft Azure platform as an accessible, reliable route in to cloud-hosted data and application. And maybe the Microsoft team are watching the World Cup?

The Azure service frst became available in the US, and has covered Northern Europe for several years (this is the area that we use with UK clients, having a Dublin datacentre). There are nodes ... read more >

Fast Track companies recognised

Fast Track 100 logo

Congratulations to the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, who celebrated at their awards dinner this week (May 2014).

The Fast Track 100 consist of Britains 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over the last three years. With their sister ‘Ones to Watch’ list, these organisations are representative of the kinds of business clients that we work with. Despite the downturn, these ... read more >

Choosing a software development partner

Development Proposals

How do you find a great software development partner?

The critical factor for success lies in being able to build an on-going relationship based on two-way trust and communication. Any substantial software project is going to take effort & investment from both the client and developer, and there will be unforeseen challenges along the way. Both parties have to work well ... read more >

Knowing when bespoke makes sense

An Efficient, Robust Development Process

The right IT System can generate huge business efficiency, provide scalability and power business growth. 

The wrong IT project can be a management distraction, wasting time and leading your organisation down a blind alley… So, how can you think clearly through the route to getting the right system in place? What’s the right solution for your business, and when does bespoke ... read more >

On-going support for your business system

An Efficient Robust Development Process

Business software can be a significant investment.

When thinking about the cost side of the equation, you’ll need to consider both the initial ‘capital’ cost, and any on-going maintenance and support that you need to factor in.

What’s fair to budget for on on-going maintenance?

We always guarantee free bug fixing for three months post go-live, to provide support while new applications settle ... read more >

Why choose a bespoke software system?

We write custom software

As a growing business, you’re finding yourself with more information to manage through an increasing number of more sophisticated processes. You’re sure a good IT system would help you to manage things better. Should you go for an off-the-shelf application, or should you go for a custom-built software system?

In some cases the answer is straightforward. It might be obvious that ... read more >