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Coca Cola Enterprises (Distribution Team)

Coca Cola Enterprises manufacture and distribute Coca Cola and other soft drinks across the UK and Europe. Cloud Street worked with their distribution team at Edmonton, North London. This operation runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, handling around 9,000 pallets a day.

What we built: Distribution Management System

“From the outset of our interaction with Cloud Street it was critical that they gained an in depth understanding of our operation and the aim of the improvement tool. Both of these requirements were achieved.
Cloud Street were also very responsive to initial system glitches and all our ongoing continuous improvement needs.”
Danny Northwood, Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd

Cloud Street worked with Coca Cola Enterprises to develop a system to manage the movement of haulage lorries through the Edmonton site, and report on turnaround performance. The system includes check-in screens for use by the site security team, detailed real-time load and performance information for use by shift scheduling managers, and large-screen displays showing to-the-minute performance statistics which are placed on the shop floor and in management offices.

Business Processes supported by the system include:

  • Upload of csv & text-based movement schedules to the database, including data validation and de-duplication
  • Check-in of actual vehicle arrivals against the arrival schedule
  • Detailed display of movement schedule information, with user-friendly filter and search
  • Visual overview of current loading-bay situation, with data-display matched to bay layout, colour coding to highlight vehicle status and click-by-click movement of vehicles through the workflow process
  • Tracking of workflow issues
  • Large screen display of by-the-minute and whole shift KPI performance
  • Management reporting on various KPI performance measures

Cloud Street also created interface and display design to align with Coca Cola branding.

The DistriView system has been in live use 24/7 since launch.

The Edmonton Management Team chose to showcase the application to Coca-Cola CEO John Brock as part of his formal 2011 tour of the site

Cloud Street have continued to work with the Distribution team to extend DistriView’s functionality, and the system will be rolled out across all UK sites during 2012.

Technology we used

DistriView is built on a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database platform, with user interfaces in both Microsoft Access 2007 and Windows .NET.

The roll-out project will include migration to a cloud-hosted web application using Microsoft SQL Azure and ASP .NET, allowing for multiple site access.