The Team

We are an approachable and pragmatic team, with management experience inside both large organisations and SMEs. We are valued for the highly professional, practical relationships we develop with clients.

Paul Midgley, Managing Director

Paul is our MD and also the technical lead on most client projects. He brings together strong business, analytical and software skills; a people-person with deep technical knowledge.

Paul’s background is in large-scale database design & development team management, including time with and the Opodo group.

Mary Walford, Operations Director

Mary’s professional background is in business consulting, process design and training provision. She worked with the elite consultancy firm BCG for some of the world’s largest organisations, as well as business start-ups and the public sector.

Mary contributes a practical focus on product quality and user support. She is the main client contact for most projects.

Mark Heesom

Dedicated to the cause of excellent software development, Mark has over 20 years of experience working on enterprise scale software solutions in fast-growing organisations.

Andrew Ramsay

Andy is a programmer with 15+ years of professional software design and development experience, focused on bespoke business systems. He’s very results focused – our can-do guy.

Andy does a lot of our support and deployment work, and it’s likely to be either him or Mary that answers the phone when you call.

Graeme Faulkner

Graeme joined us in 2015, and we threw him straight in to mastering our code generation approach. He’s since been leading our mobile and web application development, and is usually to be found with a desk full of tablets, mobiles & other fun devices.

John Matthews

John is in the final year of his Software Development degree at Stirling University – and we’re proud to say he’s top of the year in his latest exams. He’s with us on placement and is proving uncannily good at identifying bugs and questioning everything while becoming part of our development team.

If you are an experienced developer with excellent SQL and VB .NET skills and are interested in joining our team, please see our jobs page.