technologies: Microsoft SQL Server

We use Microsoft SQL Server to create database applications that can cope with significant complexity, multiple users, and large data volumes, while providing high performance and wide scope for future adaptability and growth.

“The system has been developed along very logical lines which makes the flow of data easy to understand.”

– Richard Alexander Morrison Tours

MS SQL Server databases can integrate with online or offline user interfaces (which we write in Microsoft .NET). They can also be cloud hosted, using Microsoft SQL Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server provides high levels of performance, availability, and security. It is a mainstream product that is well supported for both development and maintenance. It allows us to design flexible, innovative applications, and it’s a friendly platform for our programmers to work on.

We also use Red Gate SQL developer tools to ensure that our team have the best possible programming environment, and can provide the best possible support and deployment experience for our clients.

We’re happy to advise on hardware and software infrastructure requirements for any project we undertake. Microsoft offer a free version of SQL Server, which is suitable for most mid-size business applications and used by many of our clients.

There are several examples of real client applications built in SQL Server in our case studies section.

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