technologies: Microsoft .NET

We use Microsoft .NET and associated technologies for windows and web development. We build PC applications for Windows using Winforms.NET, and online or web application interfaces using ASP.NET. We also work with windows mobile and other associated technologies.

“We knew that we needed to automate our processes but had heard horror stories so were delighted with Cloud Street’s approach. Their hands on and practical approach to the issues that they faced in executing this project gave us confidence every step of the way.” – Simon Unger The Procurement Group

Using Microsoft .NET for user interface development allows full integration with Microsoft SQL Server back-end database systems. Applications can also be built as cloud-hosted services – cloud computing is becoming ever more accessible and useful to business users as internet connection infrastructure improves.

Our developers have full Microsoft Developer Network subscriptions and the latest version of Visual Studio, to ensure that they have the best possible .NET programming and support environment.

We’re happy to advise on hardware and software infrastructure requirements for any project we undertake.


There are several examples of real client applications in our case studies section.

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