technologies: Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access can be used as a standalone business database in the simplest situations, or in combination with MS SQL Server to create more scalable, complex business applications with multiple users.

However, we typically recommend that clients use a Microsoft .NET application as their user interface, rather than rely on Access:

  • Microsoft .NET in combination with SQL Server offers much greater stability and scalability, and much more flexible remote access and user security possibilities
  • With the right tools and experience, .NET development can be as rapid as Access development for anything above the simplest of databases
  • Microsoft .NET and SQL development skills are more widespread – so it’s much easier to find people to support and maintain these applications

If you are currently using a Microsoft Access database application and your business is outgrowing your existing system, it might be time to think about moving to a Microsoft .NET / SQL Server replacement. We are very familiar with Access, and often work with clients who are migrating from Access or Excel-based systems to a more comprehensive software solution

There are several examples of real client applications in our case studies section.

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