technologies: Cloud Services and SQL Azure

Cloud computing – it’s the current buzzword!  Beyond the hype, it’s a real opportunity for many businesses to access a hosted application solution for the first time, to save money compared to traditional server hosting, or to allow their requirements to scale up over time without time-consuming and costly upgrades.

“Cloud Street were very responsive … the system was specified and delivered swiftly and professionally”

– Sam Arie UK Carbon Census

By hosting your application ‘in the cloud’, it can be made accessible over the internet, from anywhere, without you having to worry about managing servers and data-centres. It’s typically lower cost than owning your own dedicated server, so can save you money versus your current set-up, and it can be a low-cost way to start a remote-access service. It’s also very scalable – very easy to add or remove capacity as your business grows and changes.

When hosted in the cloud, we would build a back-end database on the Microsoft SQL Azure platform (instead of using ‘standard’ Microsoft SQL Server). There would be no visible difference to your end users, and it’s the same development process for ourselves.

We don’t own data centre or cloud servers, so can give you unbiased advice about what would work for your business. We’re happy to work with your network support team (in-house or outsourced) to set up the infrastructure required, or can recommend hosting suppliers and help get you started.

There are several examples of real client applications in our case studies section.

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