The applications we build usually have two main parts:

  • A ‘back end’ database – the part of the software that stores and processes the data. We build this using Microsoft SQL ServerIt can be hosted (accessed over the internet, or “in the cloud”), or located on a server within your office.

“We firmly believe in using technology as a means to an end. And when the technology is good for us to work with, it usually means a better outcome for the client too.”

  • A ‘front end’ user interface. This might be a windows or web application, or could be on a mobile device. There could be more than one interface associated with the sytem – for example, a windows application for internal staff plus a web site to allow customers to log in and perform certain functions. We use Microsoft .NET technologies to build user interfaces.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to commission a piece of software

We’re used to working with clients with a range of levels of understanding of database and Internet technology! We will discuss infrastructure requirements with you from the outset, and are happy to work together with your in-house or third party IT support people.

Microsoft SQL Server

Used to create back-end databases that can cope with complex business logic and large data volumes, and provide wide scope for adaptability and growth. (You pronounce it as “Sequel Server”.) Read more >

Microsoft .NET

Used to create windows applications and web applications – the front-end of the application that users work with. (Pronounce this one as “Dot Net”). Read more >

Cloud Computing & SQL Azure

Cloud computing is the future, and we’ll help you join the revolution! Your application can be made accessible over the internet, from anywhere, without you having to worry about servers and data-centres.. Read more >

Microsoft Access

A simpler way to build basic user interfaces. Read more >

Other Software Tools We Use

We employ a host of additional software tools and services; here are some of our favourites. Read more >

We build our software using Microsoft products because they are the the best choice for our clients; they are mainstream, widespread, robust and well supported for both development and maintenance.